Voice Notepad: Speech to Text

voice notes notepad is one of the helpful tools for all android devices. Users can easily speak to text his voice instead of typing quickly.

Notepad allows the user to make a checklist for various purposes. The user must be able to type his message quickly via the Voice to text feature. Your voice is automatically recognized by clicking on the microphone icon easily in the speech text app.

In voice notes, users can create notes easily and save them for a long time period. Voice to text is mostly helpful for students and businessmen to write their daily work detail, appointment, daily activity, schedule, and notes to remember easily. When you are going on a trip or traveling from one place to another then you make a to-do list of your important things that you can never be missing.

Notepad reminders help the user to set an alarm with the exact date and time for your important task to repeat the same alarm as per your need. Memo pad allows the user to do his important tasks on time. Users must be able to create beautiful notes with different formatting and attractive colors to save them.

Color notes app provides the user to create secret notes with passwords. Notebook apps have a feature to translate your notes in all languages quickly to reduce the language barrier. Dictation to text allows the user to type the words or letters verbally.

voice notes notepad

Notes app allows the user to talk to text feature that converts your verbal sentence into the description. Users can learn multiple languages and build vocabulary that is more helpful to communicate with foreign people. Users can keep protecting their Private Important notes with a lock that nobody to read them.

voice notes notepad app allows the user that can be anywhere and anytime to make notes and checklist easily. The user also writes your secrets and passwords in notes and locks them with a password for security. Users can repeat the alarm one or more times with the task title for reminders and select specific days for important tasks and assignments. Users do not take stress for remembering everything, reminder app makes the users feel free to remind tasks at the exact time.

Voice memos convert your local voice language into your desired language in which you want to make notes also you can copy, delete and share it with your friends. Users can make a shopping list before going shopping that’s why users can never miss any product to buy. User can write their daily base routine activities and important event memory to remember. Notebook apps have the main features are:

Write notes in different colors.  Quickly voice recognition to create notes. Support 100+ Languages.
Protect secret notes with passwords. Notepad Reminder app to set Alarm to do on time. Create a checklist or to-do list for multiple items. Voice notepad converts speech to text by voice recognition. Free notes create and locally saved. Speak to text notes by memo pad.

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