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No matter whether you’re searching for a screen recorder software that catches your triumphant moment generates humorous movies, or records a lecture while you’re studying online, your quest has come to an end with us.

Vidma Sc reen Recorder Lite is a lightweight version of the program that includes all of the sc reen recording functions.

A 100% free screen recorder that does not include any watermarks.

Vidma Screen Recorder lite is a small, straightforward, and useful application that allows you to record screen activity on any Android smartphone.

Introducing Vidma Recorder, a free screen recorder for Android that gives you full access to all of the app’s capabilities.

A video recorder that does not need a subscription.

A screen recorder that also records sounds

In addition to recording gamers, vloggers, and other storytellers, Vidma Video Recorder is well-suited for corporations, where communicating via video is becoming as prevalent as email communications.

Watermark-free video recording software

Are you bothered by the watermarks that appear on videos? With Vidma Video Recorder, you may record movies from your screen and have them without any watermarking.

Screen recorder using a webcam

When you want to record your s creen and camera at the same time, use Vidma Video Recorder. Make humorous response films with your friends!

With no latency, you may record your screen.

Vidma Video Recorder is a smooth-running application with minimal latency. It is simple to pause or stop screen recording on your device, and it consumes less memory.

Vidma Video Recorder provides complete privacy.

screen recorder

In order to protect your privacy, Vidma Sc reen Recorder stores your movies and screenshots on your device’s local hard drive.
There is no one else who has access to them but you at all times.

Make your work available!

You may also upload movies to your computer for editing later.

Instructions for using Vidma Sc reen Recorder to record your screen

Enable the record button to allow you to start and stop screen recording at any moment.
Configure the audio source that you recorded on the Settings page.

During a sc reen recording session, disable the record button.
Stopping screen recording with a gesture is possible.

Turning off the screen will bring the video recording to a close.
When screen recording, show the touches on the screen.

Instantly download and use our free screen recorder application to catch every remarkable event.

Thank you for taking the time to use Sc reen Recorder – Vidma Video Recorder! Providing us with feedback is essential, as it has always been.
Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts with our staff!

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