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Now, this App is fully worldwide we pay all the winners every day from all over the world download this app and play with us….
Making money from your phone can be as easy as playing a general knowledge quiz and taking quizzes. Bored at work? Make extra cash fast whether you’re stuck on the train or bored at work using this free cash app. If you want to make money in your free time, there may not be a better way than getting paid to play a live quiz to earn money in 2020.

There is a lot of real cash winning apps that pay you really earn free money, but some of the best money making apps are Play and Win, trivia Quiz World,. Along with play quiz win real cash 2020 of the best app to make money fast, you’ll also have a great time with them! Sure, you could become a secret shopper or find survey apps that pay cash, but nothing will provide the same entertainment as this quiz app that can pay you cash. Play and Win, Quiz World, is the best way to convert your general knowledge quiz into real winning cash and earn free money online.

HOW TO PLAY Participating is really easy
step 1= User must have 200 coins then able to play daily challenges
(User must have to play in different categories to collect 200 coins to avail daily challenge for each correct answer user got 5 coins).
step 2= Daily 20 Question to play user must answer 18 questions correctly to win the daily 20$.
must be noticed What happens if you answer incorrectly NO metter get Ready for the next day for the new quiz at 8:00 pm
=Answer the questions asked by our host (within 10 seconds for every question)
=User can also get coins by watching video ads to get 10 coins to avail of daily challenges & win cash.

How to use this play live quiz earn money 2020 App earn free money & its Features..?
1-Download play live quiz earn money 2020 from play store app at free of cost and earn free money
2-login up using your Email address and start playing & win cash on a daily and monthly basis!
3-After login users choose the category like(sports Islamic history etc) they want to ply with us.
4-Answer the trivia questions correctly and win coins for every correct answer to make Quiz Money.
5-jeeto paisa have now More than 100 questions in all categories!
6-This app is 100% real cash winning app, free earning cash in just easy and simple way.

Available Categories :
General Knowledge Quiz
Sports quiz games
Islamic History quiz
Entertainment quiz
General science quiz
Basic mathematics quiz

What new
Now we pay for an international winner Also through PayPal.(requires account holder name, account number, CNIC, Email address, phone number)

-After winning a cash prize, it is mandatory to enter the correct Account Details in the app.
-If the Account Details are not entered or if they are entered incorrectly, winning users will not be able to claim their prize.
– Payments are cleared within 4 working days Once you have Rs.100$ in your wallet.
-Government tax is applicable to the prize money that will be distributed

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