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Trip insurance assistance is the best online travel insurance service offering top-notch assistance, 24/7 support helpline, high insurance limits, and critical illness coverage.

You need to spend only 4 minutes to buy our insurance certificate. It will be sent to your e-mail and made available through this mobile app. If an incident occurs, you could contact us through our

What’s different about our insurance?

The first-rate assistance:

Our services provide medical assistance 24/7 in first-rate hospitals; our service providers and clinics are hand-picked. We work with both large network hospitals and smaller health care providers which are nonetheless equipped to the best standards of diagnostics. We organize doctor’s visits at home and provide interpreter services if needed.

Accepted for visas:

We sell insurance certificates for 2012. Our certificates are accepted by consulates of all Schengen countries, USA, UK, Japan, etc., and conform to all requirements established for the medical assistance coverage limits. Whether you purchase our insurance for a package tour or for an individual trip, you can be sure that all your emergencies will be covered.

insurance assistance

Top tier insurance:

Our insurance certificates offer excellent coverage. We will help if you experience a sudden acute exacerbation of a chronic condition. The trip cancellation option is a great fit for parents with small children that may suddenly fall sick just before departure. Travel unlimited all year rounds with a Multi-trip insurance option!

Quick purchase and convenient payment:

You can buy our insurance from anywhere, even from abroad. We do not ask for your passport. All you have to do is specify the country, the dates of your trip, and the names of traveling persons. Payment with your banking card takes less than a minute. You will get your insurance certificate by email and will also have it available in your user profile. Our mobile app saves the details of the card you have paid with. You do not have to enter them again.

Quick contact:

It is easy to contact us and get assistance in case of an incident: we offer free international calls via this app and round-the-clock online chat. Choose the contact method which is the most convenient for you and we will organize assistance for you abroad at any time.

Everything you need is always with you:

– Your certificate is stored on your account and is accessible offline;
– We have the FAQ that covers the most popular questions regarding our services, insurance, and insurance coverage;

– You can subscribe to our newsletter and receive discount coupons for your future trips.
We update our app frequently to make it even easier to use!
Download it free of charge, rate, and comment to help other travelers.
Top-notch insurance makes your trip safe! Have a good journey!

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