The Top 10 Apps for Changing Your Male Voice to a Female Voice

You have arrived at the perfect location on the internet if you have been looking for the greatest Girls Voice Changer applications available for Android and iOS devices.

Applications that change one’s voice are almost always entertaining. They come in useful whether you’re playing a joke on a buddy or just want to experiment with your voice using some incredible effects. As a result, we have compiled a list below that includes all of the top applications that can alter a male voice to a female one.

Quickly record and edit your voice before trying a different one.

Editing your voice is something you should do before attempting to give the impression that you are a girl. Filmora is a sophisticated video editor that is also quite simple to use. It allows you to swiftly edit sound, whether it is your own speech or the audio that has been extracted from films. Explore the several audio editing capabilities that Filmora has to offer, and get ready to change your voice!

Compatible with Win 7 and later (64-bit)

Part 1: Altering Your Voice for Free on the Internet using

You may attempt some of the options that are available online if you would want to alter your voice on your mobile phone but do not wish to download and install any applications. You can effortlessly edit, convert, and compress video, music, and picture files with the help of, an all-in-one online video toolkit that provides these capabilities. Your voice may be changed to sound like a man, a woman, a kid, a robot, or even Donald Duck with the online voice changer provided by With the voice changer, you won’t have to worry about encountering any difficulties in the near or far future if you want to use speech filters.

Voice Changer for Girls Voice Changer

This online voice changer works most well in the Chrome browser; nevertheless, you may use it regardless of whether you are working on a computer running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, or a Chromebook. As a consequence of this, you may fool your loved ones or close friends by imitating the voice of another person rather than using your own. Doesn’t it seem like a good time to you?

Part 2: The Top iPhone and Android Applications for Changing a Male Voice to a Female Voice

Modifier, Editor, and Effect for the Voice Recorder, Changer, and Effect

Audio effects that include a Voice Changer

Modifier of the Voice and Recorder of Sounds

Voice Modifier Software with Effects

Voice Changer – Girls Voice changer Male to Female

1. Girls Voice Changer

Android and iOS versions are both available.

This female voice changer program is very portable, making it simple for any user to use in a relaxed and stress-free manner. Pitch correction and transforming a masculine voice to a feminine sound are two of the most common uses for this software. Download it on your Android device if you have a storage space of around 8 megabytes available, and then get started making use of it right away!

The library of this male-to-female voice changer program has a number of different possibilities to choose from. Although it is simple to make modifications to the pitch, some users have reported that particularly high-pitched settings do not provide the desired results. However, the degree to which an Android application runs smoothly is also dependent on the amount of storage space that is easily accessible on the device. You now have the ideal companion for the next time you find yourself sitting around a party being bored.

2. Voice Modifier, Recorder, Editor, and Effects

This program for changing one’s voice may be used for a variety of purposes. It is possible to use it as a female voice changer without any difficulty or difficulty at all. However, in addition to being able to alter your voice from male to female, the “voice changer – voice editor program” also has the capability to autotune your voice.

Now, autotune is a widely used function that almost every artist takes use of in order to have their vocals exactly tuned. You may do the same thing with this app to record your own music, or you can use it to have some fun when you’re bored. Not only is the program fun to use, but it also functions as a feminine voice changer, so you may use it not only for pleasure but also for training purposes. This might be helpful for a great number of folks who are interested in pursuing a profession as background voices.

The VoiceFX program is packed with a wide variety of interesting customization choices and effects to choose from. It is strongly suggested that you download the voice fx app if you are seeking for a device that can do more than simply transform your voice from male to female.

You also have the option of converting your voice into that of a robot, an animal, or even from a male to a feminine voice. You did understand it correctly. You have the ability to provide your own voice to any of the fictitious cartoon characters you choose. Making a movie with additional effects or creating a minigame with a variety of vocal characters may be accomplished in a very straightforward and time-saving manner using this method. In case you haven’t already forgotten, there was a huge craze of giving well-known songs chipmunk voices a few years ago. Utilizing this program, you will have no trouble transforming your most beloved tunes into chipmunk extra versions of those songs at all.

4. Voice Changer

The Voice Changer is an extremely well-known program that changes your voice from male to female. It is strongly advised for people who like the novelty of changing their voices from male to female to download the voice changer, which has been downloaded more than 10 million times from the Google Play store. The Voice Changer software stands out from the crowd because to its sophisticated and streamlined interface, which makes it a breeze to use in comparison to similar programs.

You may choose from among more than fifty different choices, including the ability to alter your voice from a masculine to a feminine voice. Additionally, you have the ability to show off your creations to your pals by using Bluetooth or other forms of social networking.

5. Audio effects that let you change your voice

On the Google Play store, you may find a wide variety of programs that modify your voice to that of a lady. However, not all of them live up to expectations. Another program for changing one’s voice that comes highly recommended is called Voice changer – audio effects.

The Voice Changer and its accompanying Audio Effects have a wide variety of additional features at their disposal. There has never been a time when changing your voice from a man to a girl was so simple. Not only is it possible to make your voice seem like a lady, but you also have the option to alter it. Additionally, you are able to carry on conversations with your pals over the phone while using the voice changer program. In addition, if you ever find yourself becoming tired of the female voice, you may switch to the sounds of animals or robots to spice things up a little.

Voice Changer for Girls Voice Changer

6. Magic Call App

The magic call is a real-time voice changer program that you may use particularly for altering your voice while you are on the phone with someone else. It is a pretty fun software that you can use with your pals to prank even your family members, and you can use it to do all of this together!

People who are seeking for an app that changes their voice into that of a real-time female need look no further. The ability to make real-time calls is the primary function of this program. The masculine voice may easily be transformed into a feminine one with the help of the magic call. In addition, you won’t have any trouble using this program even during call times.

Simply launch the software that changes your voice, then dial the number you want to talk to. You have the option of transforming your voice into that of a cartoon character or an animal, in addition to the Female voice.

7. A Voice Modifier as well as a Sound Recorder

If you have ever used an iPhone, you are well aware that locating a voice changer on the Apple Store is comparable to searching for a diamond buried far down.

People who are interested in female voice changer applications can only find the Voice changer and sound recorder program on the Apple Store. Because it is an app that changes your voice during a live call, you may change your voice from a man to a girl at any time throughout the conversation. You may also add background sounds to the conversation, such as traffic and echo, to make it extra amusing for the person you are talking to. This program will provide you with a plausible justification to end the conversation if you have been searching for a pretext to do so.

8. Super Voice Editor

People looking for a voice changer software that can switch from male to female can try out this amusing application. Not only are you able to record and edit audio, but you can also utilize what you’ve edited in real time! Incredible, right? The Super Voice Editor gives you the ability to modify the sound of your voice even while you are on a phone conversation.

Because of this function, when you play a joke on the birthday guy in the future, he won’t ever figure out what you did! Make like Wonder Woman or Dexter from His Laboratory with your pronunciation. The Super-Voice editor is an excellent choice for children who are playing indoors as well as for adolescents who are seeking for something exciting to do. The SoulApps studio has made it simple for you to imitate the voices of the characters you see on the screen in your dreams. This female voice changing program is the epitome of inventiveness, including both an MP3 cutter and a Ringtone creator.

9. Voice Modifier that Includes Effects

Voice changer with effects, which is included in our list of female voice changers, is a really useful program that we strongly suggest to all of our customers.

Voice changer with effects is an app that has been downloaded over 50 million times from Google Play and is an excellent choice for anybody who is seeking for more than just a male-to-female voice changer. There are nearly 40 different possibilities to choose from, including things like helium, chipmunk, zombie, alien, and many more.

You may even import a recording of one of your favorite songs and then effortlessly turn it into a voice that sounds exactly as you want it to with the help of this program. There is no application that is superior than this one if the ringtone that you use on your phone is going to be an audio clip that you have just converted.

10. Voice Changer for Girls Voice Changer for Changing Men’s Voices to Women’s Voices

Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer Girls Voice Changer

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