The Weather Network

The Weather Network forecasts are as good as our Canadian weather channel! Get radar maps, local forecasts, and severe weather alerts.

MEET reliable local weather forecasters! Find out about the weather for today, tomorrow, and beyond.

USE CURRENT WEATHER REPORTS TO Weather graphs for tracking severe snow and rainstorms.

GET READY FOR SEVERE WEATHER! Subscribe to receive severe weather notifications.

DISCOVER THE SURGE WITH WEATHER RADAR MAP Make use of our interactive storm radar map.

NEWS AND VIDEOS ABOUT LOCAL WEA Enjoy our Canadian TV weather channel’s thorough weather coverage!

ENQUIRE ABOUT TODAY’S WEATHER AND BECOME A Thanks to weather GPS targeted photos, you may aid others by sharing today’s local weather.


The Weather Network app uses your current location to show you the weather! This tool provides the most accurate forecast within 1km (0.6 mi).



Need local weather forecasts for cities like Dallas, Orlando, and Philly? Then rely on Canada’s greatest weather app for forecasts! The Weather Network has you covered for today’s and tomorrow’s weather.

Our Canadian weather channel can forecast temperatures for 14 days. Every 15 minutes, the Weather Network updates its hourly forecasts. These forecasts include wind speed, temperature, and more!

Radar Maps

You’re running late due to a severe weather alert. Our realistic weather radar map shows the storm’s size and the forecast for your area!

Video News

Continue the story with our Canadian weather videos! Uncertain about the weather in your area?

Concerned about the impact of Detroit or Washington’s dark skies? With our video commentary, our complete weather station and the meteorological staff keep you in the loop!


Canada’s top weather app sends out warnings as needed. When you see a black sky, these weather notifications keep you one step ahead of the storm!

Weather Graphs

Discover the weather with our precipitation graphs! Our weather app shows start/stop times within the next 3 hours.


Be worry-free with our pollen, UV, and air quality reports! Each report is regularly updated to provide you with the finest picture!


Canada’s top weather app also updates our weather widgets! The weather widgets provide hourly weather, feel temperatures, and forecast conditions. The widget is available in various sizes and can be adjusted to Cleveland, Phoenix, or Fresno.

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