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This is a demo app of Learnyst. If you are a teacher or teaching personnel then download this app to experience branded mobile learning apps offered by Learnyst. Content provided in this app is for demo purpose only. Please do not use this app for study purpose. This app is built for teachers and educators to demonstrate branded mobile learning app features offered by Learnyst. This app is not for students.

Learnyst provides branded mobile learning apps for educators. You can launch & sell courses and mock tests on your branded mobile app. Teach online and sell courses on your own branded mobile apps and website. We are “Shopify for education”.

The Lancet has helped many test preparation institutes & educators generate 10X revenue over investment and save at least 80% cost of learning platform maintenance. We have helped educators sell INR 100 crores in course sales revenue. More than 1.2 Million students have used Learnyst enabled apps to teach and sell courses online.

Key features of branded mobile apps offered by Learnyst

1. You can launch your courses on both Android and iPhone
2. Highly secure learning apps with DRM encryption
3. Unlimited Push notifications with student analytics
4. A video player with 10s back/forward seek
5. Your students can access course content seamlessly on the web and mobile
6. App updates as and when Android or Apple update mobile software versions

Other features of the branded mobile learning app offered by Learnyst

1. Security features like screen capture restriction, OTP
2. Launch and sell courses with different content types like videos, PDFs, PPTs, HTML lessons, Live lessons, SCORM/TINCAN content, quizzes.
3. Launch and sell mock tests with various question types like MCQ questions, fill in the blanks, essay/subjective type questions. After submitting the test, students can see detailed analysis of the test.
4. Integrated Payment gateway solution
5. Marketing tools for effective conversion

Our goal is to help educators/teachers teach online and grow their branded online academy. We recommend you to sign up for our free 14 day trial so that you can upload and publish your courses / quizzes on your trial account. No credit card required.

educatorssomeone who educates young peopleMore (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)

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