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Track your spending, set aside cash credit, and squash your objectives with Cleo – the AI chatbot bringing in cash easily. Trusted by 3 million clients, Cleo helps you cash credit like a manager with amazing assets and state-of-the-art tech. Need to know what you can spend on takeout? Need $100 to get to payday? Or then again wanting to set aside to purchase a house? Cleo has you covered. It’s your cash – own it.

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By utilizing AI to make customized brilliant financial plans for each client, Cleo is assisting individuals with further developing their planning abilities around the world. ‘Would I be able to manage the cost of it?’, simply ask Cleo.

With a spending breakdown, help on bills, useful exhortation, and a genuine character, planning like a supervisor has never been simpler. Try not to be somebody who lives trying to claim ignorance – get a financial plan.

GET UP TO $100 (1)

Through Cleo Plus, we give you admittance to a cash credit Advance of up to $100 to assist with getting you to payday and stay away from those irritating overdraft charges. It’s incredible.


As numerous as you need! Put away cash credit for something particular, or on the other hand in the event that you simply need a superior representation on espresso spending. Need to spend somewhat more on basic foods this week? Cleo shows your spending per classification in the course of the most recent couple of weeks, so you can put down a boundary that seems OK (and she’ll refresh you on the amount you have left to go through consistently).

cash credit


Setting aside cash is a drag, however not when you have a wise AI bot like Cleo hauling you for your spending. With Save objectives, hacks, and autosave includes all accomplished through association with Cleo herself, you set aside cash quickly and have a great time all the while. That exhausting shame’s messed up.

FICO rating

Your FICO rating is going to get a ton better. Our credit developer will make checking out your credit report way less unnerving, and you may even have a good time simultaneously. Leave the confounding credit working to Cleo and Equifax, you center around having a decent outlook on your cash.


Get you an application that cooks Mode. Now and again you should be told you’re a high-flyer, in some cases, you should be flushed. Say thanks to God Cleo has a good time (here and there), entertaining (consistently) character modes. Vigorously including images, duh.

Cleo assists you with resting easy thinking about your cash credit. Alternate ways you can further develop your cash wellbeing: Save cash credit naturally dependent on what you can manage

New ways of further developing your Equifax Credit Score with credit training – Set any objective and Cleo can assist you with arriving

Avoid your overdraft with cash credit Advances up to $100(1) – Cashback awards up to 7%

Weekly cash games and tests with monetary rewards – Spendr rates your buys and eliminates cash pressure

(1) Cleo Plus is our membership administration, which offers qualified clients cashback on your cash credit, data on your FICO assessment, and admittance to loans (“Cash Advance”). Advance sums will change dependent on qualification. To get familiar with qualification, reimbursement, and in general terms, kindly visit:

Cleo utilizes bank-level SSL encryption to ensure your information and your stores. All investment funds held in FDIC-safeguarded accounts with assurance up to $250,000

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