11 Best Reverse Image Search Apps for Android & iOS

11 Best Reverse Image Search Apps for Android & iOS

Have you just seen a photo that takes your breath away, but you have no idea where you can locate it? Or maybe you saw something in the real world and are curious as to what it is? This problem will be fixed in a jiffy as soon as you download one of the top reverse image search applications listed below.

Additionally, in addition to these applications, we suggest looking at others that enable the extraction of photos from PDF files.

Google Photos/Google Lens

In this day and age, who hasn’t heard of Google Lens or Google Photos? However, were you aware that this software provides its users with the ability to do a reverse picture search?

However, although this choice may seem self-explanatory to those who use their devices with Android, those who make use of the iOS platform may experience some confusion. In the second case, you will be searching for a picture on Google by utilizing Google Photos, after accessing the image you desire to search for. After that, you will need to choose the Lens symbol from the menu (nearby the trash icon).

That should do it for you! Google’s artificial intelligence will do an analysis of the picture and a search inside the system. The simplicity and adaptability of this software are likely to be its most compelling selling points.

Photo Sherlock: A Backwards Image Search Engine

This app is consistently ranked among the top ones in its group in terms of downloads. In all honesty, Photo Sherlock has already shown its usefulness to thousands of customers.

This software has an exceptional level of synchronization with the AI, which enables it to locate almost anything based on a picture. It does a painstaking analysis on the photo that you submit to it or on the subject that you direct your camera to, and it finds the exact findings in a very short amount of time. Numerous users have reported seeing this as well.

One benefit that the Photo Sherlock app has over Google Lens is that it is easier to use. Unlike Google Lens, the Photo Sherlock app does not have any additional features; instead, it does a search based on the image. You should give it a try right away since the application can be swiftly installed on the device and you can start influencing the search straight away.


We’re well aware that this is a very corny option, but we figure, why not? In particular, if you are looking for anything that is related to Pinterest. Should we even bother to explain how to utilize Pinterest to do a reverse image search? Not to add the fact that Pinterest is an extremely important app since it has a large amount of material that is organized into different categories.

These days, almost everyone mentions this app whenever they discuss taking or looking at images. Simply clicking on the lens symbol and selecting the desired image from the gallery on your phone will have the desired effect on the search.

And now we get to the contentious part: Pinterest will locate photographs that are close to the one you’re looking for, but there is no assurance that it will find the precise image you want. But if you have any questions, you can always ask the other users in the comments!

Reverse Image Search is referred to as Reversee.

You will be able to discover any search query in the search engines by using the photographs that you have uploaded to the program from the gallery by using the Reverse Image Search feature.

This application, like with other applications of reverse image search in the browser and search engines, works on a very simple basis. After taking a photo or uploading your images, you can then explore the browser analogs to see what results come up.

This program may not always be able to generate the results you desire since artificial intelligence is still in its early stages of development, despite the fact that it seems promising. This program acts as a mediator between the gallery and the browser, however the actual search is carried out by services that are not associated with this app.

Not only can Reversee search your browser for the appropriate keyword queries on Google pictures, but it can also alter the photos to improve the accuracy with which it searches for particular information.

In addition to being accessible as an iOS app, Reversee can also be downloaded as a browser extension for browsers including Safari, Chrome, and Photos. This allows users to do searches in a more convenient manner without having to exit their browser.

11 Best Reverse Image Search Apps for Android & iOS


When it comes to major corporations, looking for information is a laborious errand that also results in significant costs. This is a significant ongoing investment of both their time and their finances on their part.

When employees are already busy looking for information, the process is made much more difficult if that information is kept as a photograph or a PDF file. On the other hand, those hundreds of hours may have been spent more productively elsewhere.

Because this program searches for photographs on a pixel-by-pixel basis as opposed to using image silhouettes, it is feasible to locate massive collections of images in a timely and accurate manner. In just a few seconds, the information that was sought was located.

Not just via the gallery or camera, but also through cloud services like Dropbox or Photos, users are able to submit their photographic creations. Then there are backwards searches inside your browser as well as additional resources provided by other parties.

In the end, you will be able to determine whether or not the photograph has been posted anyplace else online. If these photographs have been submitted in the past, you will be able to determine whether or not they have been cropped or otherwise altered.

Look It Up Using an Image

Nothing unnecessary, simply uploading a picture, tweaking it, and looking for anything related to that photo. The application is only downloadable via the camera and phone resources, where other cloud storage options like as OneDrive and Dropbox may also be accessible. Additionally, the picture may be shared with social networks using this app, and the program will search for a match on the photo that was shared.

You have the option of editing a picture to improve its clarity before submitting it. You have the option to reflect, rotate, or crop it, all of which are accompanied with animated gifs.

The search is carried out simultaneously on Google, Bing, and Yandex, which are the three most widely used search engines. You have the ability to navigate between the three tabs as well as the results that are given simultaneously.

It is possible to copy the URL to the search query and then either save it or paste it into a regular web browser. Another helpful element that will be included is the ability to email the results; you will be able to share them as soon as you discover them.

Alternately, if you feel that the built-in search engine does not meet your needs, you may easily switch to your preferred search engine and explore the results in more detail there.

PictPicks is an image search engine.

This software, in addition to the image search functionality found on browsers and search engines, also has the ability to search for a picture based on a query or the title of the image, making it an excellent choice for use as a stocker.

When you do a search for photographs, the results that appear beneath each picture tell you the size of the image, which is quite helpful. The found photographs may be viewed in the browser or shared, but the fact that they may be downloaded is the most important feature.

You also have the ability to search for new photographs and pictures that are similar to the ones you already have. You are able to add filters while you are searching for images. They search for images according to dimensions, colors, kinds of pictures, and time frames.

This program’s search photographs may be downloaded either from the camera or the gallery. This is the default behavior of the application. After a picture has been imported, it is possible to trim it or rotate it before looking through it. Every search result is stored in its own tab for your convenience.

Multidimensional Reverse Image Search

If you have ever desired to search for any picture or graphic file in an efficient manner, then Reverse Image Multi would have been the most appropriate choice for you. The enhanced capability of the tool, in conjunction with its user-friendly interface and aesthetically beautiful appearance, will make the process of looking for images the most pleasant it can possibly be.

The application includes useful features such as:

It is important to note that the app gives all users the option to examine basic information about each photograph. This feature may be found in the app. However, the removal of copyright restrictions will be necessary for certain works.

Therefore, we may get the conclusion that using a tool like Reverse Image Search is a beneficial alternative to blindly scouring the internet for photographs that are comparable. Because the utility’s algorithms have been improved, it is possible to locate the necessary files in the shortest amount of time. You may check it out for yourself by downloading this app.

11 Best Reverse Image Search Apps for Android & iOS

rimg stands for “reverse image search.”

Using this tool, you will be able to get the most comprehensive information about the photographs that have been discovered. Because to the usage of rimg, it is possible to locate the original version of each picture as well as other modifications that may be used for any purpose. The whole of the search procedure is carried out with the criterion of file relevance serving as the guide.

There are a few features that are worthy of the user’s attention:

advanced identification of various objects in the photo, whether it be a person, a bird, or even any work of art monitoring of the search object by leading systems like Google or Yandex unique way to find an image with a pair of camera clicks a well-thought-out search service that allows you to filter out obstacles such as catfishing or scamming (deception with money) advanced identification of various objects in the photo, whether it be a person, a bird, or even any work of art advanced

You may search for the required picture in a number of different ways, such by reading it from the camera or uploading it from your gallery. In addition, you can search for the photo by its URL code. Because it is not always going to be possible to take an image of the needed item that is in clear focus, this option is highly handy.

If we compile all of the information shown here, then we can reach the conclusion that this tool is appropriate for a person working in almost any field. If you give rimg even one shot, you will quickly discover how much simpler it can make your life.

Image Lookup in the Other Direction

As a result of the overwhelming majority of good evaluations, Reverse Picture Search has earned the reputation of being among the most trustworthy software options available on the Internet for doing streamlined image searches. In addition, the utility was brought up to the highest possible level, or, to put it another way, everything was done in an effort to simplify the search process.

The following is a list of some of the most intriguing features that can be found in the app:

a unique option to search for any graphic file through voice input (who would have thought that this is, in principle, possible?) search for a specific image or its analogues by clicking the camera or built-in memory on the device search for a specific image or its analogues by clicking the camera or built-in memory on the device search for a specific image or its analogues by clicking the

a straightforward editor that enables you to make even the most basic visual alterations to photographs, such as cropping them; total secrecy; and a dependable approach for keeping your data safe from prying eyes
Due to the fact that it has characteristics that are simple yet, despite this, efficient, many users consider this application to be highly useful.

Therefore, many people will be interested in using this application because of how easy it is to use, how little it is, and how effectively the features are developed. You will be able to discover the picture you are looking for as well as its equivalents fast and in high-quality thanks to a tool called Reverse Image Search.

Lookup using a Reverse Image Search.

This application is your savior if you have ever come across an intriguing picture or actual item, but you were unable to locate it for your own personal use since you could not remember where you saw it. It is all because to Reverse Image Search that an enormous number of people from all around the globe are already having no trouble discovering the photographs they need right this very now.

These qualities may be found in this mobile application:

You may search for photographs and their equivalents using a photo, text, or URL code, and you can even search using voice input. You can cut and zoom pictures, and you can use tools like rotation, brightness and contrast correction, or enhancement.
an intriguing picture search tool that was one of the first to be provided in this utility and assisted more than a dozen customers with the capability to share your discovered image on the internet or in some other location.

As a consequence of this, we may get the conclusion that using this software will considerably reduce the amount of work that is required of people working in professions such as graphic design, visualization, or animation. The fact that the application is both quick and simple to use is what will allow it to fulfill its purpose of giving all graphic professionals access to the essential utility particle.

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